NDP will hold Conservatives accountable

CUPE leader says Tories will have a tough time with Layton

CALGARY – If you think Stephen Harper is going to make big changes, you don’t know Jack.

That was the message from CUPE Alberta President D’Arcy Lanovaz.  The union leader said today he is happy to see a stronger NDP presence in the House of Commons as a result of yesterday’s election.

“Jack Layton and the NDP will be a constant thorn in the side of the Conservative government,” predicted Lanovaz.  “Canadians want the NDP to moderate the new government, and I think that will happen.”

Lanovaz said that while the Conservatives won the election, their minority status gives them a ‘weak mandate at best’.  And that, said Lanovaz, puts the opposition parties in a strong position.

“Stephen Harper may want the Senate and the civil service to provide the opposition, but the Conservatives will have to deal with the other parties – that’s who will hold them accountable.”

In particular, Lanovaz said he is concerned about Conservative policies on health care and childcare.

“The Conservatives support cheque book medicine and big box childcare – but that’s not what Canadians want,” said Lanovaz.  “It will be Layton’s job to represent the best interests of the country.”

Commenting on the strong showing by the NDP in Alberta, Lanovaz predicted the NDP growth will continue.

“The NDP almost won in Edmonton Strathcona, and there were a number of second place showings around the province, including here in Calgary,” said Lanovaz.  “Progressive Albertans are starting to see the NDP as the alternative to the Conservatives.”


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President, CUPE Alberta



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