“Speak the truth” about Tory health policy

CUPE calls on Alberta government to come clean on health care

CALGARY – Now that Conservative backbenchers have approved the government’s health care reform package, it’s time for Albertans to know what the government is up to.

That was the message today from CUPE Alberta President D’Arcy Lanovaz.  Lanovaz made his comments the same day health minister Iris Evans delivered a luncheon address in Calgary entitled “Speak the truth.”

“We aren’t getting any ‘truths’ from this government, ” said Lanovaz.  “They say they want to radically reform health care, but they won’t tell Albertans what that actually means.”

Lanovaz said he is worried that the government is introducing ‘cheque-book medicine’ where those with money can buy private health care services.

“Cheque-book medicine means care is based on your bank statement rather than your level of need.”

The CUPE leader said he hopes the new Prime Minister will keep his promise to enforce the Canada Health Act, which forbids private insurance schemes.

“Harper needs to act like a Prime Minister, and that means protecting health care for all Canadians,” said Lanovaz.  “He can’t allow Klein to set up a parallel system that will rob public health care of the best doctors and nurses we have.  That will increase wait times, not shorten them.”

Contact: D’Arcy Lanovaz

President, CUPE Alberta


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Communications Representative



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