Federal budget won’t help parents – CUPE

Daycare program needed

EDMONTON – Tomorrow’s federal budget would be a perfect opportunity for Stephen Harper’s government to create childcare spaces, but instead the Conservative government will pay only token attention to the issue.

CUPE Alberta President D’Arcy Lanovaz said today working parents need a national daycare program instead of the $1,200 per year the Conservatives are offering.

“Parents need access to childcare that is affordable and high quality,” said Lanovaz.  “The Harper program of handing out a few bucks won’t create a single space anywhere in Canada.”

Lanovaz said the $1,200 per year childcare payment the Conservatives are offering would amount to just pennies per day after taxes and other changes the government is introducing.

“Because the Conservatives are scrapping the young-child tax benefit, they are actually taking money out of the pockets of working parents.  The net result for a family earning $30,000 is about two hundred dollars per year.

“Instead of writing cheques, which aren’t high enough for decent childcare, the Conservatives should invest in a proper daycare network which will truly help parents.

Contact: D’Arcy Lanovaz

President – CUPE Alberta


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