Livingstone Range labour dispute heats up

Ad campaign launched demonstrating what ‘casual’ schools look like

LETHBRIDGE – Radio listeners in southwest Alberta will get a sample of what classrooms will be like if Livingstone Range school trustees contract out support work.

The ads, sponsored by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), are part of an eight-week campaign by the union to avert a strike at the school district.  Employees voted 88% to strike because the school district has insisted on the right to contract out positions and make more use of casual employees.

CUPE Alberta President D’Arcy Lanovaz says the union has purchased radio and newspaper ads to let parents know what they are in for if trustees get their way.  The radio ad features a series of voices playing the roles of temporary school employees – some of the statements include: “I’m just here for today” “Isn’t this clean enough?” and “I had no idea he had allergies.”

“Parents need to understand what kind of schools trustees are trying to create,” said Lanovaz.  “School support staff are critical to our children’s education – but trustees want to treat them casually.”

Lanovaz said it is critical that school trustees move off their positions or schools could be disrupted.

“We have a strong strike mandate from our members,” warned Lanovaz.  “They do not want trustees to turn schools into ‘labour ready hiring halls’.”

“The employees are prepared to strike in the fall – hopefully we won’t have to take that action.”

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