Mediation talks break down between Calgary Paramedics and City

CALGARY – The union representing Calgary Paramedics have asked the mediator to ‘write out’ of bargaining with the city after receiving the city’s wage proposal today.

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 3421 President Bruce Robb said, “We were very disappointed with the city’s offer and we know our members will not accept it.”

“The city’s wage proposal fails to reflect the value of the service we provide to this community, particularly when compared with wage rates paid to other city employees with similar skills and education levels.”

Robb also said Calgary EMS employees are paid less than Paramedics in Ontario and BC.

“With the rapid rise in the cost of living in Calgary, our members are finding it increasingly difficult to support their families on what they earn,” said Robb.  “Many of our members have already left for greener pastures and it’s becoming harder and harder for the Calgary EMS to attract and retain employees.”

The Union will be consulting with its members over the weekend to determine what course of action to take next.

Contact: Bruce Robb

President, CUPE 3421


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