School employees welcome cost of living allowance

Fort McMurray – Non-teaching staff at Fort McMurray public schools are welcoming news that the provincial government will fund a $1040/month northern living allowance for school employees.

Lorna Tollman, President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, (CUPE) Local 2545 says the government had to do something, or schools would not be operational.

“The custodial staff, teaching assistants, and clerical employees are critical to making schools operate,” said Tollman.  “None of us make a lot of money, and with the cost of living so high, the district was losing employees and not able to replace them.”

Tollman noted that CUPE members pushed for this allowance in the last round of bargaining, but the school district couldn’t fund it.

“The public, the employees, the district and the students all knew it was a big problem,” said Tollman.  “I am glad the provincial government has finally recognized it.”

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