Stelmach breaks his promise to seniors – CUPE

Dennis Mol says Premier is evicting the elderly and denying them proper care

EDMONTON – During the last election, Ed Stelmach promised to build 600 new long term care spaces.CUPE Alberta President Dennis Mol charged today that the Premier has broken that promise, reduced hospital beds, and is putting the sick and elderly on the street.

“Nobody disputes the fact hospital beds are being improperly used by seniors in need of care,” said Mol.  “But by evicting them from hospitals in favour of assisted living, which provides no care at very high cost to seniors and their families, Premier Stelmach is admitting he doesn’t care about the aged.”

Mol said the government decision to close 350 hospital beds will do nothing to help waiting times.

“By closing 350 spaces and laying off the accompanying staff, Stelmach is ensuring that ER wait times will increase as the population continues to rise.”

Contact: Lou Arab
Communications Representative



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