Union promotes public servants against government attack

EDMONTON – Fighting privatization and a provincial government intent on devaluing the work of public servants, the Alberta Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) launched an advertising campaign today promoting the value of government run, public services.The union, which represents 30,000 mostly public sector workers in the province is running ads on radio, in newspapers and billboards to get its message out.

“With the government blaming public servants for the mess Conservatives created, we think it’s time to remind them that public services are delivered by regular Albertans,” said CUPE Alberta President Dennis Mol.  “You don’t have to go far to find us, we are the people down the street, around the corner and at your door – and we deserve some respect from the government.”

Mol said CUPE was motivated to launch the campaign because of an increase in the privatization of public services, but that the Stelmach government’s actions including forcing school districts to ignore collective agreements of school support workers, cutbacks to long term care spaces, and its desire to freeze wages was added incentive.

“Public services add to our communities,” said Mol.  “And for Stelmach to demand that the people who provide public services sacrifice after giving himself a 30% wage increase shows his lack of respect for the people who make our communities run.”

CUPE will spend about $200,000 on its campaign.

Radio ad: Your Door 1 -https://cupeab.cupe.ca/updir/cupeab/downloads/YourDoor1radio.mp3
Radio ad: Your Door 2 – https://cupeab.cupe.ca/updir/cupeab/downloads/YourDoor2Radio.mp3
Newspaper ad – https://cupeab.cupe.ca/updir/cupeab/downloads/YourDoorNewspaper.pdf
Billboard – https://cupeab.cupe.ca/updir/cupeab/downloads/YourDoorBillboard.pdf


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