Judicial Review denies workers’ hopes to stay with union

EDMONTON – A Judicial decision issued this week denies over 2,000 CUPE members the ability to be represented by the union of their choice.

The decision upholds a government restructuring of health care that moves employees from union to union.  The restructuring plan moved health care support workers in southern Alberta, currently members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), into a province wide unit represented by the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees.  At the same time, the province is forcing about 1,000 CUPE paramedics into a bargaining unit of technicians and lab workers represented by the Health Science Association of Alberta.

“This decision takes away the ability of our members to be represented by the union of their choice,” said Dennis Mol, President of CUPE Alberta. “Some of these members actually voted against changing unions only a few years ago.  Our members prefer CUPE and are disappointed that the Stelmach Government’s actions take away their ability to stay in our union.”

Mol said the decision is still fresh and that CUPE was reviewing it with legal counsel and affected members before deciding next steps. 

Contact:  Lou Arab

Communications Representative



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