Pension proposal won’t help workers – CUPE 3550

EDMONTON – The President of the union of 2,500 support staff at Edmonton Public Schools is speaking out against a proposal from the federal government to reform pension plans.

Trudy Grebenstein said a proposal to create pooled private pension plans is a gift to employers and bankers alike, but does little for Canadians in need of real pension reform.

“Our union has provided evidence to the Federal and Provincial governments that Canadians support an expansion of the Canada Pension Plan,” said Grebenstein.  “Instead, the Conservatives have proposed something that lets employers wriggle out of their responsibilities.”

Grebenstein said 74% of Canadians, and 68% of Albertans support CPP expansion as a means to deal with the fact few workers have enough saved for retirement.

“This is an issue that affects a lot of Canadians.  Seniors deserve to retire with dignity – but the Conservatives seem content to continue letting poverty grow.”

Contact: Trudy Grebenstein

 President, CUPE Local 3550



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