CUPE 37 members say keep Calgary public!

CALGARY—CUPE 37 members are concerned that Calgary’s Mayor and Council are considering privatizing some of Calgary’s parks and irrigation services.

“The City needs to learn from past experiences,” says CUPE 37 President Kevin Galley. “Calgary gave private a try and it took longer and cost more.  We even had to go back and redo the work.” 

The City has repeatedly tried contracting out options but found that public services always provided a better quality of work that came in at a better cost.

South Cemeteries has also been brought back into public hands in 1997 after a private operator failed to maintain it properly.  “Weeds took over,” said Galley. “It was so disrespectful to Calgary’s pioneers who built the city.  Our members now maintain it in the proper fashion.”

“How many times do we have to try this?” asks Galley. 

CUPE members are proud to provide quality, affordable public services. Services CUPE 37 members provide include solid waste collection and recycling, water and wastewater, roads maintenance, parks, cemeteries, and recreation services in pools and arenas, building and fleet maintenance, and taking care of the animals at Calgary’s zoo.


Kevin Galley, President Local 37

(403) 804-5878 


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