Contracted Parks and Recreation staff can’t keep up with the work

CALGARY – Contractors hired by the City of Calgary to maintain public parks have been unable to do extra work caused by recent rainfalls.  As a result, the City has called upon its in-house staff, recently displaced by the contractors – do get the job done. 

CUPE 37 President Kevin Galley speaks on behalf of the in-house staff.  His union has launched a campaign against the contracting out of City Parks & Recreation employees. 

Galley wonders if the City is saving any money in a situation where taxpayers are paying for a contractor, as well as for overtime for the work the contractor isn’t finishing. 

The Union is calling on City Council to re-examine the contract for parks services and bring the work in- house to make sure taxpayers are getting better value for their money. 

“The public doesn’t care who does the work, they just want it to get done,” said Galley.  “So let’s make sure it gets done by using dedicated, proven, in-house staff instead of unreliable contractors.”

Kevin Galley, President

Lou Arab, Communications Representative


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