Heritage Park locks out security staff

Employer won’t pay $15/hour to fifteen year employee 

CALGARY – Sixteen low-wage employees of Heritage Park were served lockout notice today.

Tony Miotti, National Representative for the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) says the employees are paid between $13-14 per hour. 

“Our members provide certified security services to 120 acres of park space, are the first responders for first aid, fire alarms, and other emergencies, and work 8 hour shifts in the middle of the night,” said Miotti. “The starting wage is $13/hour and one employee, who has been there 15 years, is still only earning $14.” 

Miotti said employees are not paid shift premiums – even if they work weekends or shifts from 10pm to 6am. 

“Our employer is offering a 2% wage increase,” said Miotti. “We asked the employer to take 2% of the 18% they charge events for gratuities, and dedicate it to the security staff, but the park refused.” 

Miotti said the park is claiming to be broke, but is using some of the highest priced legal services in the City to negotiate with the union.

“Rather than recognize the hard job a bunch of security guards do for them, the park is trying to break their union,” said Miotti.  “They have told us they intend to hire replacement workers and pay them one and a half times what their own employees make.” 

Contact: Tony Miotti, National Representative


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