Christmas Greetings from Marle Roberts

What I like best about the Christmas holiday is its ability to make us simultaneously grateful for the things we have while pushing us to remember those who are not as lucky.

Christmas is a time to think about our friends, family and other loved ones.  But it’s also a time to reach out to those who might not enjoy the same level of prosperity as us.

For some, that means giving aid to other countries or volunteering time at the local food bank or soup kitchen.

As a union, CUPE Alberta has achieved much.  In the last year, we have brought over 600 new members into our ranks through organizing drives, we have won pension rights for many members and increased the standard of living for thousands of members and their families.

But there is still much to do, for example; farm workers in Alberta do not have the right to join a union, and if they are injured on the job, they can’t rely upon Workers’ Compensation to take care of their families.  Alberta has the lowest minimum wage in the country, leaving the most vulnerable people in our communities scrambling to even reach the poverty line.

This Christmas I am going to be thankful for all I have, but I’m renewing my commitment to make Alberta a place where our wealth is enjoyed by everyone.  I’m asking you to renew your involvement with CUPE to do the same – to protect the gains we have made, to build on them, and to ensure that others benefit from the victories we achieve.

Have a wonderful holiday.  I look forward to working with you in 2013. 

Contact: Lou Arab, Communications Representative