Convention bargaining update

Alberta Regional Director Connie Credico updated convention delegates on the state of bargaining in the province.

“We’ve done well in Alberta in the past,” said Credico.  “We’ve seen good wage increases in the range of 3% for awhile.”

But Credico says those times are changing, especially in the education sector.  “With last week’s budget and the teacher’s settlement we are going to have a challenge.”

“We are probably going to need to be creative.  We’re going to need to find a way to get that settlement.”

Credico said bargaining in the municipal sector is still going well, pointing to a recent settlement between Local 787 and Grande Prairie that resulted in wage increases of 10.75% over three years.

The long term care bargaining continues to be a challenge, but some progress has been made.  Local 8 recently got a breakthrough settlement with Age Care that increased wages up to government rates.

Contact: Lou Arab, Communications Representative

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