Home care reversal a victory for residents

CUPE calls for similar policy for all non-profits

EDMONTON – The President of the Alberta Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees is congratulating the residents of Abby Road co-op, Creekside and Artspace for their efforts to reverse a decision by the Redford government.

The three co-ops had each been managing home care for their disabled residents. The Redford government had awarded contracts for that care to private, for-profit operators.

CUPE Alberta President Marle Roberts said the residents made a strong case.

“Disabled Albertans can manage their care better, and more efficiently than private contractors anytime,” said Roberts. “Congratulations to them for making a strong case to the media, and to the government.”

“It’s not every day the Redford government admits private health care isn’t the best option. These residents should be proud of what they accomplished.”

Roberts called upon the government to extend their decision to other non-profit groups managing home care.

“If private health care can’t manage home care in a co-op, it won’t work in other areas either. Non-profits are doing good work at cost. The government needs to reverse their cuts across the board.”

Contact: Lou Arab
Communications Representative