Home care decision should be reversed: Union

EDMONTON – A union representing home care workers across the province is calling on Alberta Premier Alison Redford to reverse a decision to privatize home care services across the province. CUPE Alberta President Marle Roberts made the call after a confidential report was released showing a lack of transparency in the tendering process, tight deadlines and allegations that companies directly approached the premier.

“It comes as little surprise that there were problems with this process,” said Roberts. “Generally when a government makes changes that nobody wants, it smells fishy.”

Roberts said her union has been raising the alarm bells about the privatization of home care services across the province.  In many cases, patients were happy with the services being provided and are upset about the changes.

“Some of our members, like the home care workers at Strathmore Lodge, were told they could only keep their jobs with the new contractor if they accepted lower wages and gave up their pension plan.” said Roberts.

“The whole process needs to be scrapped.  The government needs to consult with patients, workers, and families and deliver a service people want, not give away contracts to those with close ties to the Conservative party.”

Contact: Lou Arab
Communications Representative

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