Athabasca University staff say school is creating barriers to education

EDMONTON—Tutors at the on-line Athabasca University are speaking out after the institution announced its Faculty of Science and Technology will be shifting to a call centre format for course instruction.

The Tutors, represented by CUPE Local 3911, say the change means students will no longer have a designated, individual tutor to instruct them throughout the course. Replacing it will be a model where students speak with different administrative staff persons every time they have a question or concern.

Spokesperson Virginia Gillese said students will lose continuity of instructors as the university moves to a ‘production line’ style of education.

“This move compromises a student’s potential to succeed,” said Gillese.  “Athabasca University is creating barriers to learning, not eliminating them, as is their mandate.”

“This move endangers the integrity of the university, and diminishes the quality of education provided.” 

Contact: Virginia Gillese