Library sitting on the fence

October is Library Month.  To celebrate this, we are focusing on CUPE members who work in Alberta libraries. This story comes from Doreen Bjorge and Neelam Sharma who work in Lloydminster, AB.  Marle Roberts

Lloydminster’s location as a border city is unique. There are always interesting challenges for the library. Lloydminster Public Library is part of the Lakeland Library Region in Saskatchewan. LLR cards are issued to patrons living in the city and SILS (Saskatchewan Information & Library Services) cards are issued to patrons living outside the city but still in SK. ID and proof of residency are required in all cases.

There is no charge for library cards for either AB or SK patrons living in the city (or if they own property in Lloydminster). Nor is there any charge for SK rural residents. AB residents living outside the city must pay an annual fee or purchase a card from an AB library and have it entered into the Lloydminster database.

Interlibrary loans become interesting as well. Loans can be requested for city residents and for SILS patrons. But AB patrons who have a card from another AB library have to go back to their home library to request an interlibrary loan. Lloydminster first searches SK libraries for titles. Then titles can be requested through the SK system. If nothing is available in SK then AB libraries are searched. But because Lloydminster is not part of any of the AB systems, email requests must be made. Most academic libraries (both in AB & SK) are very willing to lend to Lloydminster. Courier systems (or mail) are used for delivery in both provinces.

Lloydminster Public Library receives financial support from the City of Lloydminster, Lakeland Library Region and the province of Alberta.

Lloydminster Public Library,

Doreen Bjorge Neelam Sharma