Contracted snow clearing costs ten times more than in house: CUPE

snow CALGARY – The President of the union representing most Alberta municipal workers reacted to news that Calgary taxpayers paid ten times more for snow clearing on bike paths than they would if the work had been done by city employees.

Reports indicate that clearing the snow using a private contractor cost $726.14 per centimeter of snowfall. Snow clearing done by Calgary City staff cost $72.65 per centimeter.

“This is just another example, in a long list of examples, where public services are offered more affordably than private, contracted out services,” said CUPE Alberta President Marle Roberts.

“Governments are all too eager to give work away on the theory that it will be cheaper, when time after time, it’s actually more expensive.”

Roberts called upon the City of Calgary to abandon the use of contractors for snow removal.

“It’s clear we get better service at a better price from the proud and dedicated employees of the City of Calgary.”