Prentice threatens wage roll-backs on public service unions: CUPE

Alberta’s public servants will not accept a made-in-USA approach to labour negotiations, CUPE Alberta President Marle Roberts said today. “This is a declaration of war against hard-working public sector employees who work in schools, hospitals, and many other places in our communities,” she said. “The Premier is trying to apply American-style labour management to Alberta, and it’s wrong.”

Roberts said the Supreme Court recently affirmed public sector unions’ right to strike, acknowledging that it brings a power balance to negotiations.

“At the same time Prentice is demanding wage rollbacks, he’s trying to take away public workers’ constitutional right to strike,” Roberts said. “The Supreme Court of Canada, just last month, rejected a similar attempt in Saskatchewan. It didn’t work there and it won’t work here.”

“The Premier is also ignoring that fact that some public sector employees have taken zero per cent increases,” she said.

Roberts said the Premier’s reliance on the American-funded Fraser Institute is worrisome. The right-wing special-interest group has admitted receiving $4.3 million from foreign agencies.

“We need a system that accepts the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that acknowledges the importance of Alberta’s health and education, and that believes in fairness.”

“Alberta’s public sector will fight this attempt to take away our rights,” Roberts said.


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