Happy Labour Day

Labour Day is the day people join to celebrate the achievements of workers in Canada.

Here in Alberta, we have been working hard to improve our working conditions, wages, vacations, benefits, and health and safety by standing up and demanding change, and with an NDP government in power, we have seen some success.

Sometimes, change has not been easy. Over our history, our members have risked their livelihoods, and sometimes even lives by doing the right thing. When our 35,000 CUPE members stand together, we can affect the change we want to see in the world, right here at home.

Solidarity is a force that can make a real difference in workers’ lives. Solidarity is strength.

No one knows that better than CUPE local 37, who celebrate 100 years of standing up and making sure working people in Calgary have a strong advocate.

I know CUPE 37 members care deeply about Calgary, their members, and their neighbours.

CUPE 37 have had their fair share of fights to make sure that Calgary remains a great place to live, work and raise a family.

And another fight may be on the horizon. We stand with CUPE 37 against any attempt by this council to sell our public golf courses. Our public golf courses provide affordable, good quality recreation opportunities here in Calgary. Trust that we will make sure that council hears that loud and clear if they try to take it away.

A $15 minimum wage, better labour standards, and new employee rights, have all been hard fought by members of labour unions and are just some of the victories which have been won over the last couple of years.

Thank you to all the CUPE members who show up and make a difference!

In Solidarity,

Marle Roberts
President, CUPE Alberta