VOTE 2015

Act now!  Your vote decides our future!

When you’re thinking about who to vote for, find out whether your candidate shares the values that are important to you and your family. Here are some questions to ask candidates when they knock at your door, or at all candidates meetings. Better yet, make an appointment to meet with your MLA and get the answers!

  1. Lower oil revenues mean less income for the province.
    Will you contribute to a recession by rolling back wages and cutting public sector jobs, or will you keep our economy strong by investing in Alberta?

  2. Many public sector employees accepted frozen wages in return for better pensions. Now the government wants to roll back our pension programs, too.
    Will you help ensure public sector retirees have the pension benefits they’ve worked for all their lives, or will you take away their negotiated benefits?

  3. The right to strike is guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and recently affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada. Now the Premier wants to take that away from some public sector employees by classifying them as “essential services”.
    Will you support the democratic collective bargaining process or are you opposed to fairness and balance?

  4. Alberta is the only province to have a flat tax. That means someone making $200,000/year pays the same income tax rate as someone earning $40,000/year. Will you support a system that taxes higher earners at a higher rate?

  5. The government keeps trying to go after our pensions, through removing defined benefits and limiting their contributions. This would mean retirees with lower incomes, despite working for years to build their pensions.
    Will you support Albertans right to retire in dignity and protect public employee’s pensions?

  6. Despite history showing that privatization and contracting out costs taxpayers more while providing lower quality services, the Conservatives have repeatedly tried to contract out and/or privatize health care services.
    Will you oppose privatization and contracting out of our health care services?

  7. Government spending on education hasn’t kept up with inflation. That means reduced staff, deteriorating schools, and erosion of services. At the same time, the government has tried to privatize some services, despite the higher cost of doing so.
    Will you support increased investment in education and work to keep our schools and services public?

  8. Municipalities are responsible for many of the service our families receive, including water, child care, policing, and local infrastructure like roads, sewers, and parks.
    Will you support municipalities through increased transfers and infrastructure spending?

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