CUPE Calgary: Delivering clean, clear, safe water to your tap

Great services. Great city.

CUPE Calgary: Delivering great services for great value

CUPE Calgary: Part of the deep roots in this city
CUPE Calgary: Taking pride in our city and neighbourhoods
CUPE Calgary: Helping create a bright future for our city

Whether we’re working behind the scenes or on the frontlines, Calgary’s city workers love our jobs and our city.

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We want the best for Calgary, and we want you to get the best value for your money. That’s why we’re proud to deliver great services in the most cost-effective way – to help provide the foundation for a growing economy. And to be there for people in good times or bad.

From drinking water, to waste collection, to parks and recreation, our roots run deep in this city. And we’re proud to be part of what makes Calgary flourish.

Great services. Great city!

8 in 10 Calgarians continue to say they are satisfied with the overall quality of services and programs provided by the city.

Two thirds or more are satisfied with each of the 34 services and programs, with satisfaction 90% or higher for half of the services.

Almost 100% of Calgarians rate services like quality drinking water, garbage collection, and maintaining parks and playgrounds as being important to them – just a few of the many services Calgary city workers proudly deliver.

All these statistics are from the 2016 City Satisfaction Survey.