Benefits & Services

Provincial Lobbying

CUPE Alberta works with unions, the Alberta Federation of Labour and community groups to protect public services and the people who provide them. By working together we present a strong and united front to both the provincial government and our employers on the issues faced by CUPE members on the job.

For example, CUPE Alberta is working directly with the Friends of Medicare to preserve public health care, taking action on public education funding and working with other unions to stand up for public sector employee rights under the Alberta Labour Code.

Political Action

CUPE Alberta works with locals and activists to elect candidates for public office who believe in public services.

Occupational Committees

CUPE represents public sector employees from many different sectors facing a wide variety of issues and concerns. By establishing occupational committees representing municipal, education, health care and continuing care employees, CUPE Alberta provides the opportunity for members to gather, share ideas, discuss bargaining issues and build strategies for action on the issues that matter most to each occupational group.


CUPE Alberta is committed to union education and provides many opportunities for CUPE members to take part in focused, union centered education. Every year there is the Week Long School as well as CUPE Alberta’s Solidarity Days. CUPE also provides many courses for members at the local union level.

In addition, CUPE Alberta sponsors special conferences on issues faced by CUPE members in all sectors such as anti-racism, health and safety and equal opportunities. For more information, click here.

Campaign Support

CUPE Alberta supports locals who wish to raise awareness, take on a political issue or fight back against privatization through local campaigns. The Division has established the “I’m on Your Side” campaign fund that ensures the financial resources are there when and where they are needed.

Assistance to Small Locals

CUPE Alberta reimburses locals with less than 100 members, 75% of the cost of lost wages, hotel and travel costs to attend CUPE Alberta conventions, schools, and Division sponsored conferences.

CUPE Alberta Scholarship

CUPE Alberta offers a $1,000 bursary each year. The competition for this financial support is open to CUPE members or members of their immediate families who are pursuing post-secondary education in labour studies.

Annual Convention

The annual convention offers CUPE locals the opportunity to set provincial policy for our union, raise public issues, determine strategic direction and meet other CUPE activists from across Alberta.