Anti-Privatization and Political Action Committee


This Committee shall use political action and all other means available to it to:

  • Prevent loss of Union jobs.
  • Recover Union jobs lost Contracting out in any form.
  • Educate our members in combating Contracting Out and Privatization in any form.

This Committee shall endeavour to build political awareness in the Division membership and to inform all members in the strategies of preventing Contracting Out and Privatization through any and all channels open to them.

The Committee shall, through Alberta Division, shall also explore all means of additional funding available to it through CUPE National. The cost of any program to be undertaken by the Anti-Privatization/Political Action Committee must first be approved by the CUPE Alberta Division Executive Committee.

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Michelle Shields – Co-chair
Kenda Jacklin – Member
Shannon Pollard – Member
Kitty Hibbert – Member

Joyce Baker, Division Liaison
Ella Henry –  Political Action Coordinator