Alberta Library Employees Committee (ALEC)



CUPE Alberta sectoral committees exist to co-ordinate activities of CUPE locals within the same area of the public service.  The Alberta Library Employee Committee (ALEC) works to plan bargaining strategy, public relations campaigns and government lobby efforts, as well as acting as an avenue for library locals to keep each other informed of their activities.


Terrill Budd – Chairperson (L1169)
Leanne Easton – Vice Chair (L46)
Karla Gaetz – Recording Secretary (L46)
Alexis Olinek – Treasurer (L4810)
Kathleen Brennan – Division Liaison (L2157)
Deena Kapacila – National Representative

Tackling Challenges, Amplifying Voices: CUPE Alberta’s Library Workers Committee

Welcome to CUPE Alberta’s Library Workers Committee – a platform committed to addressing critical issues faced by library workers across the province. We are currently focusing our efforts on two major concerns: the rise of violence in libraries and the threat posed by staffless libraries.

Violence in Libraries: We Need Your Stories!

Library workers play a vital role in our communities, providing invaluable services that empower individuals and foster a love for knowledge. Unfortunately, the escalation of violence and harassment in libraries has become a growing concern. To shed light on this issue, we invite you to share your experiences and insights.

If you are a library worker, we want to hear your stories of dealing with violence and harassment on the job.

Your stories are essential in revealing the realities faced by library workers, and they will be used to advocate for safer working environments. By sharing your experiences, you contribute to a collective effort that aims to create awareness among the public and employers about the challenges library workers encounter daily.

To share your story, please submit your experiences through our online form here.

Staffless Libraries: A Growing Threat

Another challenge we are actively addressing is the proliferation of staffless libraries. This trend not only diminishes the quality of library services but also poses risks to both library workers and patrons. We believe that, together, we can push back against this threat and ensure that libraries remain vibrant community spaces.

Your Participation Matters!

We encourage all library workers to participate in this collective effort. By sharing your stories and insights, you contribute to a stronger, more informed advocacy for the rights and well-being of library workers across Alberta.

Let’s tackle these challenges head-on, together. Your voice matters, and your experiences can be a powerful catalyst for positive change.

Submit your stories for violence and harassment here, and for staffless libraries here.