Pension and Benefits

Chair – Deborah Schaan, Local 417
Vice-Chair – Andrew Plait, Local 46
Recording Secretary – Jorge Illanes, Local 3550
Committee Member – Frank Donegan, Local 709
Committee Member – Matthew Sjogren, Local 37

Rory Gill – Division Liaison
Research Representative – Jordana Feist

The CUPE Alberta Pension and Benefits Committee supports pension and benefits knowledge and understanding across the province.

We do this work by supporting education and training and working with locals to identify opportunities for improvement in collective bargaining.

The Committee produces materials that CUPE locals can use to help educate our members on the importance of protecting and improving defined benefit pension and health benefits plans.

The Pension and Benefits Committee also provides training to the Committee and other interested CUPE members, which supports the appointment process to the Local Authorities Pension Plan Sponsor and Corporate Board of Directors.

The Committee works with our representatives on LAPP to bring information from the boards to our members.