Employment with CUPE

The Canadian Union of Public Employees regularly hires employees who are CUPE members.  Often members may be interested in considering employment with CUPE and are interested in knowing what is required.

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Clerical/Support Staff Opportunities

Clerical responsibilities in our area offices and regional office include knowledge and experience with word processing, (Word 2000), other computer programs, e.g. Excel, and effective written and oral communication skills.  Interested applicants are required to complete an oral interview with computer and written testing to determine competency.

Temporary opportunities may be available for vacation and/or sick leave as required, and for permanent positions when they become vacant.  Support staff members belong to the Canadian Office & Professional Employees Union, Local 491 (COPE).

Servicing Representative Opportunities

When CUPE activists are interested in having an interview for consideration of temporary representative work, they are to request an application form from our Edmonton Regional office (780-484-7644) or CUPE National Organizing and Regional Services Department (613-237-1590).  Once received, an interview will be arranged.

The Director or Assistant Director of Organizing and Regional Services along with the Regional Director will conduct an interview.  There are also written components to the selection process.

Following the interview and pending the outcome, you may be placed in a pool of applicants to be considered for future temporary opportunities.  Or you may be advised of areas where further experience or knowledge are required and suggestions of how to achieve that experience and/or knowledge.  Placements in temporary assignments are made on the basis of several factors including the nature of the assignment and its geographic location.

Interested activists are also encouraged to find opportunities to work with their National Representative to gain a better understanding of the job and to develop skills on grievances, negotiations, arbitrations, organizing, etc.

Over time, in accordance with the Canadian Staff Union’s collective agreement, temporary employees accrue temporary seniority which eventually qualify them to bid for permanent positions when posted in their region and across Canada.

There are also temporary and permanent positions that arise requiring skills in the areas of Communications, Research, Equality, Health and Safety and Legal.  These positions require more specific educational qualifications and experience.  Members are also encouraged to apply for these positions.

CUPE members are encouraged to participate in as many CUPE union development workshops as possible in order to qualify for CUPE jobs.  Some activists complete studies courses from a local university or attend the Canadian Labour Congress Labour College held annually in Ottawa.  Union activism within the local, executive and committees and/or Division Executive/committee experience is also valuable.

CUPE encourages and actively promotes employment equity principles in our hiring.

A career choice with CUPE is a rewarding opportunity to work on behalf of the members we represent.  Make it your future now!

Member Organizers

CUPE members interested in organizing new CUPE members can participate in our ‘Member Organizer’ program and be a part of organizing drives from time to time.  Please contact the Regional Office or your National Representative if you are interested.

Employment Opportunities with CUPE

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