School workers applaud new high school construction

EDMONTON – The President of an education workers’ union local applauded the news that the provincial government is building four new high schools with conventional financing.CUPE 3550 President Trudy Grebenstein said the decision marks an important change in policy for the Conservatives.

“After years of promoting expensive leasing schemes, I’m happy the government has finally listened to reason,” said Grebenstein.  “Everyone knows it’s cheaper in the long run to own rather than lease, so the decision means savings for today’s and future taxpayers.”

However, Grebenstein cautioned that the government should not consider other lease schemes in the future.

“It’s true that savings are coming from the fact the buildings are being constructed in a period of economic slowdown,” said Grebenstein.  “However, the fact the taxpayers will own the buildings will mean savings no matter the economic climate.”

Contact: Trudy Grebenstein



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