CUPE to Stelmach – Ban Bottled Water in provincial facilities

Union calls on Premier to follow example of Nova Scotia government

EDMONTON – CUPE Alberta is calling on the Stelmach government to follow the lead of Nova Scotia and ban the sale of bottled water in provincial facilities.

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter announced today that he is asking officials in the Ministry of the Environment to develop a policy to ‘ban the bottle’ in all provincial facilities with potable water. 

CUPE Alberta President Dennis Mol called on Premier Stelmach to do the same. 

“It would be a great strike against the pollution created by millions of plastic water bottles, not to mention a real endorsement of Alberta’s municipal water systems,” said Mol. 

“Bottled water is little more than municipal tap water bottled, shipped, and hugely marked up in price,” said Mol.  “Let’s give our environment a break, and recognize water as a right – not a commodity.” 

For more information about the negative effects of bottled water, click here.

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Dennis Mol, President
CUPE Alberta


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