Calgary school custodians support Superintendant’s call for funding

CALGARY – The union representing custodial workers at the Calgary Board of Education are backing up a call from School Superintendant Naomi Johnson for the public to lobby the province for greater education funding.

“The Conservative government claims to be funding education – but the Calgary Board is facing a $60 million shortfall,” said CUPE Local 40 President Bob Anderson.  “The clear reality is schools are facing substantial service cuts if something isn’t done.”

Anderson praised Superintendant Johnson for publicly raising alarm bells among the public.  In a speech to parent council leaders, Johnson laid out the impacts of the funding shortfall and asked parents to speak up about the need for a well funded educational system.

“A good education gives everyone an equal chance to make it in this world,” said Anderson. “It is the key to maintaining a prosperous economy.  If we let the Conservatives neglect it – we will all suffer.”

Contact: Bob Anderson, President
CUPE Local 40


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