Broken promises were Redford’s downfall: Eggen

NDP MLA David Eggen spoke to CUPE Alberta convention delegates and outlined what he called a ‘prolonged deterioration of the PC party’ and predicted their demise soon.

Eggen said it was Alison Redford’s broken promises that led to her demise, not just her travel.

“This is not just a series of scandals,” said Eggen. “What Redford did was inexcusable. She made specific promises around poverty and health care, promises which led people to lend their votes to the PCs.”

“Redford told us she would deal with the issues that are important to us, and broke every single one of those promises, and I say good riddance to her.”

While Eggen said the end of the Conservative Party was a good thing, he warned against turning to the Wildrose Party.

“Some feel they have found an alternative in the Wildrose Party,” said Eggen.  “I deal with these people everyday and I can tell you, there is no real difference between the Wildrose and the PCs.”

“There is no difference between the PC and Wildrose on Pensions.  If your pension is being attacked by Doug Horner, Danielle Smith will do the same.”

Eggen called on CUPE members to support the NDP, saying his party presented a real alternative. 

“The future should be one rooted in fairness and opportunity for every Albertan.”

“We’re at a crossroads in this province.  The NDP is providing a practical, common sense alternative.”


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Communications Representative

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