Gill: We must fire the UCP

CUPE Alberta President Rory Gill asked CUPE members across Alberta to do everything possible to ensure a new government is elected on May 29th.

“If Danielle Smith has gets a democratic mandate, she’s going to cut your job,” said Gill.  “She will gut your pension, she will ruin your health, overcrowd your schools, charge you more for energy, she’ll even charge you for health care.”

“We’re not making this up. These are all things she’s either talked about openly or started to put in place.”

Gill reported that CUPE has been fighting the UCP for four years and is ready for the election campaign. CUPE has advertisements on the airways, plans and resources to talk to members and encourage them to work in local NDP campaigns.

Gill pledged his personal support for Rachel Notley and the NDP. “Every problem we face as a union will be worse if Danielle Smith gets four years,” said Gill. “On the flip side, every problem we face as a union will improve if we elect Rachel Notley and the NDP.”

Specifically, Rachel Notley and the NDP have promised:

  • Fair and respectful bargaining for public sector workers, including the K-12 workers who have not gotten a wage increase in seven years.
  • New schools, hospitals, and better-funded post-secondary institutions.
  • A plan to give one million Albertans access to a family medical team