Rennick: Increased resources for the fight ahead

In her virtual address to the convention, CUPE Secretary-Treasurer Candace Rennick highlighted the resources allocated in the recent annual budget for the battles and fights in Alberta.

“CUPE’s 2024 budget adopted last December is designed to help you be at the forefront of change, to be brave and bold,” said Rennick.

The budget created 41.5 new positions across the country, including two permanent servicing representatives in Alberta, a temporary job evaluation representative and a political action representative. The budget also made the Alberta Organizing Representative a permanent position.

“We all know our union can’t meet the many challenges that employers and governments are throwing at us without more staff,” said Rennick. “I get this. Mark gets this. The National Executive Board gets this.” Rennick pledged to  “continue to expand staff resources next year and the years after” as wage and membership growth allow.