CUPE calls on Clement to stop Klein

CALGARY – Federal Health Minister Tony Clement needs to enforce the Canada Health Act if his government has any commitment to Medicare.  That was the call today from CUPE Alberta President D’Arcy Lanovaz.

Lanovaz was reacting to the unveiling of Ralph Klein’s health care proposals yesterday.  The proposals would allow wealthy Albertans the option of paying for medical procedures if they wanted faster access.  The proposals also allow doctors to work in the private and public system at the same time.

“Taking doctors and other medical staff away from the public system will only increase wait lists, not shorten them,” said Lanovaz.  “There is no point in having Medicare if people can’t get access to it.”

Lanovaz said Klein’s actions clearly violate the Canada Health Act, and called upon the federal government to act to shut down Alberta’s moves soon.

“The Federal Conservative government campaigned on the promise of enforcing the Canada Health Act,” said Lanovaz.  “Tony Clement needs to keep that promise.”

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President, CUPE Alberta




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