Government poll has conflicting messages

Survey shows need for full discussion and consultation on health reform – CUPE

EDMONTON – A poll released by the provincial government examining Albertans’ views on health care has conflicting messages.

CUPE Alberta President D’Arcy Lanovaz said that while the government is touting poll results showing support for private health care, the reality is far different.

Lanovaz was reacting to today’s release of a Leger Marketing poll by the Alberta government.

“The government’s press release ignores the finding that 78% of Albertans want to see health services delivered through publicly owned facilities,” said Lanovaz.  “That’s a pretty strong endorsement for public health care.”

Lanovaz said other results have been twisted by the ‘government spin machine.”

“The Tories point to a question in which 92% of Albertans say they want a full range of options in health care and say ‘see, Albertans want private care,” said Lanovaz.  “But the question is misleading – many people might think the question means ‘do you want a choice between a doctor, an acupuncturist, and a naturopath.”

Regarding the result that 66% of Albertans think private care will shorten wait lists, Lanovaz said this shows the need for more debate and discussion.

“People thought electricity deregulation would bring about lower prices, and that didn’t happen,” said Lanovaz. “Studies, including one done by a member of the Fraser Institute, show that countries with two tiered systems end up with longer wait lists because health care workers leave the public system to answer the call of those with more money.”

“If the Conservative government would allow a real debate on the issue, those facts would get out and opinion would change.”



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President, CUPE Alberta


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