An open message to the residents of Irricana

During the last round of bargaining between the Town of Irricana and its outside workers, the relationship between the parties soured.We regret that this happened and are working to rebuild trust between the town and the union.

We also recognize that in the current economic climate, the town and its residents do not have the revenue we once enjoyed.

To that end, we negotiated a contract that saved the town $6,500 in the first year of the contract, and more than $13,000 over the three year term of the deal.  This settlement, which we proposed, gives us a lower base salary than was originally proposed by the town.

We take pride in the role we play building Irricana and providing the services that residents enjoy.  As residents ourselves, we care about the financial health of the town, and feel we have a responsibility to put the town’s needs ahead of our own.

It’s part of our role in building strong communities.


cope #491