Leaked report shows Stelmach misled seniors – CUPE

EDMONTON — The Stelmach government’s refusal to build more long term care beds is causing a crisis in seniors’ care.  That was the reaction by CUPE Alberta President Dennis Mol to a leaked government report planning the closure of long term care beds.“Our members who work in long term care tell me that there are not enough spaces or enough staff to care for Alberta seniors,” said Mol.   “Plans by the Stelmach government to build non-care spaces, and make seniors pay more for them are frankly heartless.”

Mol reminded Premier Stelmach of his election pledge to create 600 new long term care beds.

“To date, the Premier hasn’t created a single new space,” said Mol.  “And the plan released today calls for fewer spaces.  The Conservatives have lied to Alberta seniors.”

Contact: Lou Arab
Communications Representative



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