Trustees should be fired – CUPE Chief

Closing five schools destroy communities and goes against education mandate 

CUPE Alberta President Dennis Mol wondered aloud today which Edmonton Public School

Trustee ran on a platform to close schools. 

Mol was reacting to news that Edmonton Public School Trustees voted to close five more schools.  In the last ten years, eighteen public schools have closed in Edmonton. 

“I pay pretty close attention to politics at all levels and I can’t for the life of me remember Chairman Don Flemming or any other Trustee promising to close schools.  And yet time after time, that’s what they do.” 

“These Trustees are destroying communities because they are afraid to stand up to the provincial government and say ‘closing schools is wrong’.” 

Mol said CUPE would remember this vote when elections happen later this year, and called on parents to elect a new board. 

“Enough is enough, it’s time for Edmontonians to get active, get involved, get ready for elections and remove these Trustees.” 

“It’s time to elect Trustees that care about children, families and our communities,” said Mol.  “These Trustees have failed Edmontonians yet again, shame.” 


Dennis Mol

CUPE Alberta President



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