City staff working hard to clear streets – CUPE

EDMONTON – City staff working hard to remove an unusually large amount of snow from Edmonton streets deserve thanks and appreciation. 

That was the message from Terry Jardine, President of CUPE Local 30, the union representing city staff working to clear the roads. 

“I know Edmontonians are frustrated with the slow rate of clearing on residential streets,” said Jardine.  “And thankfully, they have not taken that frustration out on our members driving the plows.” 

“I want to thank the thousands of city staff, from our members right up to the administration, for busting their butts in a difficult situation.” 

Jardine noted that Edmonton is an unusually large city, with a physical area about eleven times the size of Manhattan.  “That means a lot of roads to clear – it can’t be done quickly without great expense.” 

“Our members are residents too – we want to do the best job possible for our city with the resources given to us by City Council.”

Contact: Terry Jardine
President, CUPE 30


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