Statement by CUPE Alberta President Marle Roberts on June 21st – National Aboriginal Day

The Alberta Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees encourages our members and other Albertans to recognize National Aboriginal Day on June 21st.

Since 1996, National Aboriginal Day has been a time to recognize the important contributions from First Nations people.  CUPE Alberta recognizes the contributions that Aboriginal workers have made to the Labour Movement.

It is important to understand that Aboriginals are the fastest growing demographic in Alberta. The population of the labour force with Aboriginal workers will be 50% or more by 2025.  The issues that consistently have plagued Aboriginal workers continue.  CUPE Alberta remains committed to supporting Aboriginal workers.

What is most appalling for women is that Aboriginal women earn only 46% of a man’s wage and women of colour earn just 64%.  CUPE Alberta is dedicated to closing this gap.

CUPE Alberta would like to re-affirm our commitment to working with the CUPE Alberta Aboriginal Council to address the concerns and resolving the problems faced by Aboriginal workers across our province.


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