Labour Day celebrations

Alberta (August 26, 2014) – There will be Labour Day celebrations held throughout Alberta this long weekend.

CUPE Alberta President Marle Roberts said, “Labour Day is a good time to reflect on the accomplishments we have made in the labour movement and to ensure as we move forward what has been achieved is not only maintained, but improved upon. This is especially important in light of the numerous attacks on labour by anti-union legislation, including Bills 9, 10, 45 and 46.”

“Without the protection on a union, it means a lower standard of living for all workers, more injuries and fatalities in workplaces, and a weaker economy for the province and nation. However, working conditions can be improved for society as a whole through solidarity,” Roberts said.

As has always been the case, the labour movement cares not just for the prosperity of our members, but the happiness of all.  That means strong communities with the public services they need.

“This Labour Day, let’s come together to celebrate our victories and plan for a brighter future for all workers,” Roberts said.

For more information about the events in your area, please visit the Canadian Labour Congress website at or on the CUPE Alberta website at


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Lou Arab
Communications Representative

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