Pension battle ends in victory – for now

EDMONTON – Front line public sector workers should celebrate the fact their pensions are safe for now, but CUPE Alberta President Marle Roberts warned that the victory could be short lived.“Let’s remember Alberta is in a pre-election period at the moment,” said Roberts.  “And before the last election, the Conservatives promised then to protect our pensions.”

Roberts was reacting to news that Bills 9 and 10, designed to gut public and private sector pension plans, will not come back to the Alberta Legislature. Roberts congratulated front line workers for their campaign and said their efforts made politicians very nervous.

“It was the very loud voices of our members, and the members of other unions, who made the government blink,” said Roberts.  “Conservatives and Wildrose MLAs both know they can’t go to the voters when front line workers are angry – so we win, for now.”

Roberts said CUPE will continue to work hard to maintain secure pensions so Albertans can retire in dignity.


Lou Arab
Communications Representative

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