Mark Hancock – COVID hurting those already hurting the most

CUPE National President Mark Hancock spoke to delegates saying the pandemic has exposed problems in Canada. But it’s also making clear the value of front-line responders.

“First responders and health care workers saving lives, education and childcare workers finding new ways to support children, and municipal workers keeping communities clean and safe, you kept communities strong during the most trying days of our lives.”

“And when this is over, we’re going to make sure nobody forgets it.”

Hancock said COVID-19 has exposed and worsened problems and inequalities in Canada.

“It has rocked our overworked and underfunded health care system. It left millions of people out of work,” said Hancock. “It’s in times like these that we need our union and our movement more than ever.”

Hancock took aim at Alberta Premier Jason Kenney for using the pandemic as cover for an agenda of punishing workers and cutting health care.

“Rather than supporting health care workers, Jason Kenney has picked a fight with Alberta doctors. And he barely lifted a finger to help workers fighting back outbreaks in long-term care.”

“The pandemic hasn’t stopped Jason Kenney’s assault on workers’ and public services. But it sure as hell isn’t going to stop us from fighting back either!”