Fleury: Investing in Alberta’s future

National Secretary Treasurer Charles FleuryCUPE National Secretary Treasurer Charles Fleury wants us to invest in our future—starting today.

In his address to CUPE Alberta convention delegates, Fleury said CUPE’s latest budget included seventeen new staff positions across the country to handle growth in membership and workload. To date fourteen permanent jobs have been posted, including one new servicing representative in Calgary.

“Since I was elected in 2011, more than two hundred and sixty-five staff retired,” said Fleury. “Thirty-four percent of our staff now have fewer than five years on the job.”

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Roberts urges delegates to keep up the good fight for working people

CUPE Alberta President Marle RobertsDelegates welcomed outgoing President Marle Roberts with a standing ovation. Roberts is retiring after serving eight years as CUPE Alberta’s president.

“I’m proud of the progress we’ve made over the last eight years,” said Roberts. “And I’m humbled and grateful for the support and friendship you’ve given me over that time.”

She talked about significant changes for workers in the second half of her term, with the election of an NDP government in Alberta. “Since the Notley government was elected in 2015, we’ve seen improvements for workers, for parents, for patients in hospitals, and for all Albertans,” said Roberts.

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All Presidents Meeting & Engagement Workshop Information

 All Presidents Meeting – February 1, 2019

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 Engagement Workshops February 2, 2019

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Pension reform introduced by NDP government

EDMONTON – Historic reform of public sector pension plans was introduced in the Legislature this week and is expected to be law by early December.

After months of discussion with unions and other stakeholders, Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci introduced Bill 27, making the Local Authorities Pension Plan (and two other plans) fully ‘joint trusteeship’ plans.

“Joint Trusteeship means changes to our pension plan have to be negotiated between our employers and us,” explained CUPE Alberta President Marle Roberts. “In the past, when the government wanted to change our plan, usually for the worst, they could do it with the stroke of a pen. No more.”

The Notley government actions are based on best practices for pension plans. Other provinces in Canada have accepted joint trusteeship of their plans because they know that when employees have more control over their plans, everyone benefits.

“We know that CUPE and other unions have a lot of knowledge about how to run pension plans and keep them healthy,” said Roberts. “Jointly trusteed pension plans are almost always better off financially.”

Roberts said Conservative governments have been promising this change since as far back as 1992, but have only delivered broken promises.  “Bill 27 is a recognition of best practices adopted by other Provinces and an end to years of broken promises.”