Livingstone Range school employees accept deal

Vote means regular school opening next week

LETHBRIDGE – Livingstone Range School District employees have voted 70% in favour of a deal that averts a job action expected to disrupt schools from opening next week.

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Alberta President D’Arcy Lanovaz said the members supported the deal after the employers took their concessions off the table, including the contentious issue of removing casual employees from the union.

“The four year deal gives employees wage increases of 2.75% per year, improved benefit coverage, better recall rights, and eliminated all of the roll backs the employer was originally seeking.”

Lanovaz said that the union did not get as much protection against contracting out as it was seeking, but members felt that with the current labour shortage, the risk of losing jobs wasn’t worth the disruption of the school year.

“Our members have always put the students ahead of themselves,” said Lanovaz.  “The employer told us they have no intention of contracting out at this time.  The threat just isn’t great enough to put families and students into turmoil.”

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President, CUPE Alberta


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