Clarity needed on plan to build schools – CUPE

CALGARY – The Alberta government’s plan to finance the building of new schools lacks clarity in key areas, says D’Arcy Lanovaz Alberta President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

Lanovaz says that he’s happy the government plans to maintain ownership and operation of schools with local school boards, but that some questions remain unanswered.

“The government says minor maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of the school boards, but doesn’t tell us what that means,” said Lanovaz.  “What’s major, what’s minor, and who is responsible for so-called major repairs?”

Lanovaz likened the situation to a mortgage, explaining that “I don’t expect my bank to arrange for a new roof on my house – so I’m not sure what the government has in mind if they expect a financier to look after major repairs.”

CUPE supports government’s intention to keep control over schools in the hands of democratically elected school boards, said Lanovaz.

Lanovaz said he was relieved to hear the Minister of Education insist that maintenance and other employees will remain with school boards, but said he still needs to hear more detail from the government, “before I rest 100% easy on this matter.”


D’Arcy Lanovaz

President – CUPE Alberta


Lou Arab

Communications Representative


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