Government ignores history with leased schools

EDMONTON – The President of a union of 7,500 school support workers is accusing the Minister of Education of ‘willful blindness’ when it comes to the leasing of buildings for schools.

CUPE Alberta President Dennis Mol is responding to comments made by Dave Hancock during yesterday’s Question Period at the Alberta Legislature.  The minister bragged that having schools built and operated by private companies would save money for taxpayers.

“This is the exact opposite of what has happened in other provinces like New Brunswick and Nova Scotia,” said Mol.  “The costs went way up, control was lost, and access to the school by community groups was cut dramatically.”

Mol said Conservative governments in those provinces had to abandon the scheme and return to conventional operation of the school buildings.

“There is no need to pay someone to operate and maintain a school when school districts can do it more affordably and better,” said Mol.  “It’s time for Mr. Hancock to simply admit this idea won’t work, and start defending tax dollars a little better.”


Dennis Mol

CUPE Alberta President




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