Conservative budget falls short for seniors

The union representing over 7,000 senior’s care employees slammed today’s provincial budget for continuing to ignore the crisis in long term care. 

The budget called for more continuing care beds, but said nothing about long term care – spaces for people needing extensive medical intervention. 

“This government doesn’t get it,” said CUPE Alberta President Dennis Mol.  “Seniors with severe medical needs cannot be housed in privately funded facilities with almost no medical support.  We need long term care beds.” 

Mol said the government continues to ignore Premier Stelmach’s pre-election promise to build 600 long term care beds. 

“The government could clear up hospital and ER wait times if they provided the long term care services doctors and their patients are demanding.  Instead, they continue to play games with our health.” 

Contact: Dennis Mol

 CUPE Alberta Division President


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